Ode to the Chanel Backpack

Oh Chanel Backpack
How I love you so.
You seem so practical
For everywhere I go.

Oh Chanel Backpack
What a piece of art.
That def was the theme of the collection
I could tell from the start.

Oh Chanel Backpack
Do you know the emotions you evoke?
Too bad I'm in college
Which means I am flat broke.


Tuesday Trending: Fall Colors

The other day my friend asked me when the biggest trends were for Fall 2013. Needless to say I wrote her a three page response. I figured for the sake of my sanity and this post not taking a the entire season to read,  I'll break down the certain aspects of each trend starting with color. I know it's hard to think about Fall when Paris fashion week is just finishing up with Printemps/Eté, but trust me winter is coming and you'll want to know how to dress for it.

And of course don't forget the Chanel tweed cowboy hat is a must.


Layering for 30 Degrees of Confusion

(Me angry at the weather)

So it is officially that awkward time of year when where it is 43 degrees when I wake up and when I go to lunch it is 75. Now don'd get me wrong, Fall is by far the best season (crisp air, apple picking, corn maizes, freezing your butt off on Halloween wearing three inches of fabric, the list goes on) BUT...


Rochas Cleans Up

So as everyone knows (hopefully) it is fashion week in Paris and the designers are all showing their Spring/Summer 2014 ready to wear collections. I personally have a love hate relationship with any fashion week because as much as I love the runway shows... my bank account doesn't. I tend to have the bad habit of buying the trends I am too excited to wear. But there is one trend I wasn't sure about. Ok thats a lie, I am very sure about it. In fact I actually love it. Very similar to last year when Phoebe Philo put the furry slipper down the runway, Rocha mopped the floor.


On Wednesdays We Wear Letters

In my school you don't join a sorority until Sophomore year. There are many pros and cons to this, but this being a blog about clothes, I won't bore you with the details. Since joining a sorority though, it as gotten a lot easier to get dressed on Wednesdays.


A Day in Her Shoes

How far would you go for a pair of shoes? Or should I say how far would you go in a pair of shoes an entire size too small?



I am a firm believer the better you dress, the better you feel. This week has been tiring so I figured I would put on some of my favorites to go to the movies with my girls.