Rochas Cleans Up

So as everyone knows (hopefully) it is fashion week in Paris and the designers are all showing their Spring/Summer 2014 ready to wear collections. I personally have a love hate relationship with any fashion week because as much as I love the runway shows... my bank account doesn't. I tend to have the bad habit of buying the trends I am too excited to wear. But there is one trend I wasn't sure about. Ok thats a lie, I am very sure about it. In fact I actually love it. Very similar to last year when Phoebe Philo put the furry slipper down the runway, Rocha mopped the floor.

When I first saw the shoe I was like, "Oh how polite the model is cleaning the runway for the other looks."
 Then my thoughts progressed to, "Wait matching slippers and suit... maybe this could work?"
Next I had a panic attack about the fact that small sunglasses might be coming back because they DO NOT work with my face shape. Until I looked at her feet and thought of how practical the light peach color was and how it wold go super well with my brown leather skirt.

Finally I with wondering, "Do these come in half sizes? If not do they run big or small? What colors should I get? Should I just get one in every color so I can coordinate?" 

Needless to say I loved the collection and I loved the shoes. 

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